Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Sling Shots

Owen is an "official" football player! It seems like yesterday when I was lying to him and telling him he wasn't old enough to play soccer (in Kindergarten :) ). It was hard explaining when we ran into uniform-clad soccer players (classmates) that they were just playing "dress-up"!
Anyway...we are now part of a great team...The Sling Shots (based upon David and Goliath).
We've had a lot of fun at practices and games!!

Owen #8 (fourth from left)

Sling Shot supporters (can't you tell how into the game they are?):
IsAbElLe and RyAn

Go Team!


Carolyn said...

I love the first is too cute. I am also glad that you finally posted. You know you can't keep your blog followers waiting that long!

Heather Hall said...

Wow! That first picture is amazing...and that little blonde girl is C.U.T.E.

Oh, and your kids are look alright, too.