Friday, August 7, 2009

It's that time again!

Well, here we go again... only 172 days to go (not a good sign that I am already counting!)!!

Rye started Pre-K and takes the bus every morning from our school to his school. Rye may be a wild child, but he never cries about going to school-he's always ready to go! (every morning we stand with about 15 crying 4 -year- olds waiting for the bus-insanity! pre-k teachers deserve free medication!)

O's first day of 2nd Grade in a new school!
So far, so good...
He misses all of his Clarkesville friends, but has made some new ones.

As for me, my first pre -planning day was very interesting. Lunch (at a gas station/gun & ammo shop) was the most interesting. It was such a Bon Qui Qui moment (thanks to MiMi for the comparison)!!