Monday, March 9, 2009


It's official...we are moving to south ga. My feeling on the subject depends on the day. Some days I am excited and others I am completely depressed. I mostly hate to uproot my kids (esp. Owie since he loves his school). I also hate to leave my home-- which I love! know you are living in a small town when EVERYONE stops you EVERYWHERE (grocery store, post office, gas station, etc.) to comment on your business--I find it so funny!! Our big move was even on the front page of the sports section of the local paper--yes, we are big time!! See link below to read the fascinating article:

One great thing about the move is that Chris will be working for Ed Dudley (pictured above), who is an old friend. He is a great guy with a wonderful family--they are already celebrities in Waycross (another small town where they take their football seriously)!

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allison said...

I know all of this is bitter-sweet for you but for selfish reasons, my whole family is super excited! All we are thinking about are Warbington/Guthrie extravaganza's at Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!