Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday (x4)

This was big birthday weekend for our family!

Happy birthday to Tara (whom we got to embarrass at the Mexican restaurant), Brad (whom hopefully has recovered from the shark attack off the Great Barrier Reef), Papa (whom Ryan thinks looks an awful lot like Colonel Sanders) and last but not least...Angus (who may not make it to another year if he keeps chewing up our possessions)!

Hope you all had a great birthday!! We love you!!

Is it whom or who??? Whom knows??


Carolyn said...

I just had to post a comment so that you know that I do keep up with you even if no one else comments! What this means is don't slack off and stop posting! Happy Birthday to all. Our mad Birthday craze starts Thanksgiving day with my dads!!!

allison said...

I didnt realize you had so many November bdays! We missed you guys at his party...and we enjoyed telling everyone how Mean Uncle Brad was eaten by a shark!!!! Is that really Angus??? Looks like Pepper!